Pass Plus

Become a Better, Safer, Less Cash-Strapped Driver:
Well done. You've passed your test and now you want to cut your insurance premiums down to size. You'd probably like to become a more confident and self-assured driver too. In that case, Pass Plus is for you. Pass Plus is the government's scheme for improving the safety record of newly qualified drivers – and saving them a few pounds into the bargain. In fact everyone is so keen to help you become a better driver, your local authority may well pay back almost half the cost of your Pass Plus lessons.
Get Your Certificate and a Bundle of New Skills:
Although there's no test for a Pass Plus certificate, you do have to work hard. Pass Plus involves a minimum of six one-hour sessions covering town and out-of-town driving, all-weather and night-time driving, and driving on motorways and dual carriageways. You come away with much more confidence, a shed-load of new skills, and a certificate that qualifies you for discounts on your insurance. Don't delay savings and refunds are time-sensitive: There are time limits to Pass Plus benefits. To be in with a chance of a refund or insurance savings, you must apply for Pass Plus within 12 months of passing your test.
Insurance Discounts:
Pass Plus is all about being a safer driver, which is why most insurers are offering discounts to Pass Plus drivers.
London Borough Refunds:
If you're aged between 17 and 25, you could get a refund of £70 on your Pass Plus fees. For details, call Transport for London on 0845 230 1725.
Other Local Authority Refunds:
Many local authorities are offering Pass Plus incentives. Call your local council to find out what's happening in your area. << Find out about 'Show me, Tell me'