How much will it cost?

This clearly depends on the number of lessons you need and the lesson cost – but there are things you can do to keep the paid lessons to a minimum:

Get hold of a copy of the ‘Driving Manual’: published by the DSA it will explain almost everything that we need to teach you. So if you know it beforehand we can spend less of the lesson time explaining and more time practicing.

At the end of every lesson: take a few minutes later in the day to recap in your mind what you learnt.
Try to maintain a minimum of 2 lessons per week: in the early stages take them as single lessons and as you improve change them to double lessons when you can cope.
Try and get as much practice: with Mum/Dad etc as possible – but beware that they have probably passed their test some years ago when the standard required was substantially less than the test required today. We have many experiences of parents who only took 10 or 15 lessons expecting their daughters/sons to pass in that time. If they are going to take you out then at least get them to sit in the back of one of your lessons – to see the way you are being taught – better still to book them a refresher lesson with your instructor so that he can ‘update’ their driving.
Driving today is all about anticipating the actions of others: ‘Defensive Driving’, the most common reason for a test failure. So when you’re a passenger, keep thinking “what would I do in this situation?”, “what should I be doing now?”, try and anticipate the actions of others and plan what you would do if you were driving.
Don’t choose an instructor purely on lesson price: be careful – what you really want, like everything in life, is to get the best deal for you. See our ‘How to choose the right instructor’ tips for advice

So the number of lessons you take and the price you pay is very much down to you and the time frame you want to work around.
How quickly can I pass my Driving Test?

3 weeks minimum once you have your provisional licence

The quickest way is to apply for your provisional licence 3 months or so before your 17th birthday, when you receive it you can then apply for your theory test which will can be booked for your birthday.
Naturally as you have spent plenty of time revising you pass and as such are in a good position to book a Driving Test.

Normal test waiting times vary from area to area but are in the order of 3-14 weeks which is probably the sort of time that it may take to develop the experience and skill to pass it comfortably.
However if you’re really keen, and can take say 2 lessons a day from your birthday, you could within 2 weeks be ready to get and take a ‘short notice’ test that can often be booked within 2/3 days of application.