DEC Driving School:

DEC driving school has been providing quality driving lessons since 1987. Our aim is simple, we want to deliver a high quality of service to you.

Currently DEC is training students of all ages and from all walks of life. We have patient and experienced driving instructors across West, North West, North and East London. DEC is well established as one of the best local and most popular driving schools in these areas.

DEC was awarded the outstanding achievement award year 2007 by ADI Federation for its achievements in the industry.

We are a highly recognised and known driving school. Other than teaching people how to drive, we also do driving instructors training. DEC is known in the industry as a driving school which is actively involved in a variety of driving matters such as driving safety and green driving.

With our experienced and dynamic team of friendly and professional driving instructors, there is no better driving school than us at DEC.

Call us to schedule an appointment today: 0800 043 0505 / 0207 241 3322

DEC London Driving School is the most affordable way to learn how to drive in London. Learning to drive in London has become very expensive, and we offer driving lessons as low as £18 an hour. Do not hesitate to call to find out more. You can also fill in our booking form, and we will call you back as soon as possible.